RECOLLECTION is a contemporary revival of ladylike dressing inspired by 1940s and 1950s vintage fashion.

A celebratory tribute to the home sewer, this collection draws inspiration from the millions of women during the first half of the 20th Century who played at being their own designer by creating unique apparel from the comfort of their kitchens and sitting rooms. Committed to making clothing to cherish, RECOLLECTION is manufactured in New York's Garment District using high quality fabric and construction.  As well as reviving retro silhouettes and using fabric qualities that are authentic of by-gone eras, past tailoring techniques are revisited and each piece is finished with classic details like vintage-style buttons.

RECOLLECTION piece is that item of clothing you always dreamed about finding when vintage shopping - something straight from another time but NEW, in perfect condition and a modern fit. This is a collection for anyone who's ever flirted with vintage fashion, from die-hard '50s revivalists to casual vintage shoppers to vintage virgins.

This is new fashion with old soul.